MOA Impact Group

Shaping the world of tomorrow while creating since 2018 innovative solutions in the field of Racial Equity, Inclusive Growth, Sustainable Economy, African and Black-Owned Innovations as well as Traditional African Know-How for inclusive and resilient societies

Today’s societies face immense challenges:

Considerable inequalities exist between societies, and individuals experience unequal treatment, particularly based on where they come from, the colour of their skin or gender.

Difficulties and uncertainties persist worldwide when it comes to valorise resources in a sustainable manner to ensure welfare for all and in choosing or implementing strategies to protect our environment.


Inclusive innovations are needed now more than ever to ensure sustainable collective well-being.


MOA Impact Group develops and implements innovative cross-sectoral solutions to reduce inequalities and promote social and economic participation, with partners or alone within its various organisations, initiatives, programmes and projects.

We focus our work

in the creation of equal opportunities and inclusion for African and Black people in all aspects of our society and African entrepreneurs in international (economic) affairs, based on a genuine respect.

Innovations, Services, Products and lot of other works of Black and or African People and Entrepreneurs are not visible enough. They are expropriated, or put into drawers or the history around them is simply rewritten.

This approach disempowers Black and African people and leads to exoticizing interpretations that result in discriminatory imagery and reinforce asymmetrical trade patterns. 

Therefore we work to counteract this power asymmetry in the value chain and create fair competitive conditions by certifying, protecting and bringing these porducts to consumers.

Explore our Group Ventures

MOA Foundation

The MOA Foundation is an international, independent, non-profit foundation based in Switzerland. The foundation works to eliminate socioeconomic inequalities based on origin or skin color and creates equal opportunities especially for African and Black people.

MCO & Company

MCO & Company is a legally non-independent organization under the umbrella of the MOA Foundation. MCO & Company is an international and interdisciplinary think tank, consulting and operational organization. It was established by Black experts from the fields of policy, media, marketing, community building, operations, product and brand management. MCO & Company operates in the form of a partnership, with the MOA Foundation, headquartered in Switzerland / Basel, acting as the leading house

MOA Enterprises

MOA Enterprises consists of different legally independent companies in Switzerland, the EU and Africa. As such, these legal entities work, amongst others, to implement the economic activities of the MOA concept.

MOA Impact Group